• # UNICORNIA is an ecosystem of Unicorns (non-fungible ERC-721 Ethereum tokens) built on Blockchain just like Bitcoin.
  • # On UNICORNIA, individual unicorns serve as non-fungible tokens assigned to users with one unicorn allowed per user.
  • # Each Unicorn is one-of-a-kind and impossible to replicate, kill, destroy or be removed from the ecosystem. Assigned Unicorns can only be bought, sold, traded or exchanged.
  • # Unicorns are able to generate L'├«le (www.lile.io) and the longer the duration of their ownership and/or level - the stronger their generating capacity is.
  • # Unicorns enhance the user's overall experience. They can be changed and upgraded through contests, trades and fights on the designated areas for many additional benefits.
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